Our Story

APEIRO KOSMIMA originated from a serendipitous conversation during a dinner and drinks session in 2018 between Dino and Argiri, cousins hailing from opposite ends of the globe. Their shared vision was to collaborate and introduce a unique opportunity that would showcase the rich heritage of Greece, both past and present, to a global audience. APEIRO KOSMIMA was conceived with the mission of bringing exquisite Greek jewelry, specifically crafted in Gold and Silver, to the forefront. Specializing in pieces adorned with the protective symbol of the “ματι,” our goal is to source and curate jewelry that provides defense against negative thoughts, misfortune, and loss. Explore our collection for beautifully crafted pieces designed to offer not just aesthetic allure but also a shield of protection against life’s challenges. Embrace the essence of Greece through our meticulously chosen jewelry, each piece echoing the cultural significance of the “ματι” symbol.

Why Choose us

All our jewelry is made of 925 silver or 14 Carat white gold and has been platinum plated to counteract the patina created by the sulfide compounds in the silver.
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A Gift Full Of Positive Energy