Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The Evil eye is easily one of the worlds most well-known and recognizable symbols, people everywhere know that it represents the protection from a malicious gaze or negative energy. This superstition has a long history (around 3000 years) and has its roots back to ancient Mesopotamia. In Greece it is the most famous superstition and is believed in by the majority of the population. The Greek people want to be protected from the evil spirit and so can been frequently seen wearing the evil eye signature symbol.

According to Vogue, the Covid pandemic has influenced fashion in both major and minor ways and one of the most important impacts is the popularity of the evil eye trend. When people began posting positive images about their lives especially after the devastation of the second wave, they started using the evil eye emoji in order to protect their happy moments from the negative energy.

In the last two years the Evil Eye symbol has extremely increased its popularity worldwide and has been converted from a protective symbol into a favorite fashion trend. In Greece the evil eye symbol is widely used in the fashion industry and you can see it in every fashion object. It is extremely prevalent in the jewelry industry. All Greek jewelry brands, from the most expensive and luxury to the simpler and affordable accessories, have created jewelries with the evil eye symbol. In the past, the most common jewel with the “mataki” symbol was the pendant. Nowadays, it is used across all forms of jewellry: there are many beautiful rings, earrings, bracelet, cuffs and anklets featuring the evil eye symbol in some form. (it was a trend in 2022 summer).

Beside the jewelry industry many Greek designers have embodied the evil eye emblem in their creations. They have created many interesting items such as, clothes, swimsuits, bags, clutches, shoes etc.

In the past evil eye ornaments were offered as a present to bring good luck into a new house and keep away the negative energy. Nowadays, new Greek designers have created many decorative items using the mataki symbol, so people can be protected and create a beautiful, interesting atmosphere in their homes.

Another trend that has developed and grown in the past two years was the evil eye manicure and it is a really elegant and modern motif. Many Greek girls preferred the eye pattern this year for their summer manicure/pedicure.

The use of the Evil eye symbol has obviously turned into a huge fashion trend worldwide and especially in Greece. For the older generations this fact may be weird but it is a way that new generations are adopting their superstition. The younger generation see it as a manner to be protected from negative energy in general and the bad luck that the pandemic caused. Furthermore, using this emblem Greek designers have created some masterpieces that have an intense flavour of Greece especially as the evil eye is the most popular superstition in Greece and its most famous colors are blue and white.


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