The evil eye, also known as Al-Ayn in Arabic or Islamic countries, is a bad glance that causes misfortune, illness, injury, harm, etc., on a person, animal or valuable object. Anyone has the potential to mistakenly or purposely throw the evil eye and many Muslims hold this belief with some adopting particular rituals to protect themselves and the people they love from the evil eye’s negative energy and its consequences.

According to Bedouin tradition, the evil eye curse can have negative effects like:

– Incapacity

– Pregnancy Difficulties

– Women’s Health Issues

– Insufficient breast milk

– Sexually disabilities

How do Muslims protect themselves from evil eye?

Islamic Muslims hold the belief that if an individual purposefully or accidentally admires something or someone, then the evil eye curse is laid upon them. This is why you will hear them utter phrases like “TabarakAllah” or “Masha’Allah” to ward off the evil eye (means “God has willed it”).

People in Arabic countries protect themselves from the evil eye in various ways:

Beg for Allah’s protection against the evil eye energy

Allah is The One who shiels them from the harm that they are afraid and they are seeking protection. The truth of looking for refuge is that someone needs to leave behind something that terrifies him and beg for safety from someone (Allah) who can provide it.

Strong faith in Allah

There is no doubt that a person is near to Allah, he is less prone to experience the evil eye and other types of harm from the devils of humanity, because he is constantly remembering Him (dhikr), and reading the Qur’aan.

Prayers for blessing

It was mentioned that evil eye negative energy can be caused when someone is admiring something or someone else for their beauty, success, happiness, etc. Muslims believe that it is acceptable to admire someone’s goods and desire them for yourself, so long as you don’t intend to deprive these goods of them and make sure to pray for their well-being.


In order to be protected from negative harmful energy Muslims spend their money in charities or /and are trying to be kind to other people. They believe that by practicing charity and kindness, they thank Allah for the favors he gave them and they defense against anything that will make those blessings stop.

Wearing Talismans

To ward off evil spirits and negative energies, individuals also wear talismans, such as evil eye amulets made of the Hamsa Hand.

Islamic rituals for protection against the Evil Eye:

Other than the use of protection habits, there are several practices to fend off negative forces and harmful vibes. When someone is afflicted by the evil eye, he should use the following practices:

The Water Practice

This is accomplished by making the one who has casted the evil eye (‘aa’in) on another (ma’een) wash himself in different parts of his body, such as face, hands, knees, etc. Then the water from his washing is pouring over the victim for his cure.


The Ruqya are prayers drawn from the holy Quran and the ahadith, as the holy Prophet Muhammad taught Muslims. They serve as a method of defense against the horrors of Shaytaan, humanity, and demonic creatures. They can also be used to treat both medical and non-medical disorders such as the disabilities caused from evil eye.

The healer says Ruqyah (using verses from the Quran) as he removes the evil eye curse from the person who has affected, following the Prophet Muhammad’s recommendation to increase victim’s faith that Allah has the ability to drive away the evil spirits.

People in Islamic world have strong conviction that the Evil Eye curse is to blame for many terrible things that start happening suddenly after completing or achieving something. This is the reason why Muslims have adopted the above means to protect themselves and their beloved ones from evil eye curse and implement the appropriate practices.

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