The Evil eye is a symbol with a long history all the way back to numerous ancient civilizations. The evil eye symbolizes the curse that a person can give to another individual intentionally or unintentionally simply by starring at him/her. In the last 2-3 years the emblem of the evil eye has become a universal trend and it remains one of the most famous lucky charms to be worn or gifted. Many people in Greece will offer it as a present in order to wish to their friends good luck for the new year.

As it has become a huge trend worldwide it has also adapted and is displayed in different shapes and colors and on various objects, such as jewellery, purses, bags, swimsuits, hats, decorative objects, shoes etc. But what is the meaning of different colors and what do they signify?

The colors of the Evil Eye and their Meaning

The Colors of the evil eye are not chosen randomly and they all have a special meaning. It is believed that the wearing of the evil eye has a variety of effects depending on its color. These range from good fortune to protection against evil. Here are some of the most common colors for evil eyes, as well as the meanings behind them.

Dark Blue: this is the most common color for the evil eye. It symbolizes the protection of fate and karma. It is believed that it brings calm and relaxation to the individual who wears it and it opens the flow of communication.

Light Blue or Turquoise: this is the second most common color of evil eye. It offers general protection against negative energy and it helps you in expanding your perspective. Furthermore, it brings you serenity and inner peace.

Red: some people see red as a frightening color but it has significant meanings. It provides and endorses your courage and protects you from your anxieties and fears. It also brings you enthusiasm about life and provides more energy.

Black: this is not the most popular evil eye color but it has great meaning. If someone is looking for power then, black is the go-to color. It is believed that it protects the power and prosperity. It also empowers you to be open to the mysteries and be prepared for the unknown.

White: it is thought that it provides wealth to the individual who wears it. It also has the power to eliminate the distractions and barriers that someone may face, by purifying thoughts and actions. The white color is the most suitable color to wish someone good luck for new beginnings.

Pink: this color represents love and it especially protects friendship’s love. It also calms our negative feelings and brings relaxation. It also reduces the imbalance to the person that wears it and brings happiness.

Purple: this color has the power to help relive you from depression and rebalance your life. It changes your perspective of life and helps you see and thing more optimistically. Lastly, purple helps you use your imagination to the fullest in your life.

Green: it can be separated in two different types: dark green protects happiness and brings balance in someone’s life and freedom to communicate new ideas, whereas light green protects good health and bring success to the person who holds it.

Yellow or Gold: these colors have really important powers as it is believed that they helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and relieve you from exhaustion. Additionally, it improves mental sharpness and attention.

There are many different colors that evil eye will come in and each one has its own significance and meaning. You can choose the color that fits your stage in life or where you need the most help. If can’t decide what color is more suitable for you, you can combine two or more colors to protect you from different kinds of evil powers.

At ApeiroKosmima we look to bring you many different pieces with the above colors and points in mind.

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