The most wonderful time of the year has come! December is here and Christmas decorations are everywhere: inside and outside houses, in the streets, in the shops and the overall feeling has become festive. This also means that the most of us are looking for Christmas gifts for our beloved ones and we all want to give them something different and make them happier. After all, is there anything more beautiful than seeing their smile as they are unwrapping their gifts?

There are many great gift ideas such as, clothes, accessories, gadgets etc, but what is more preferable that a gift with a special meaning? Items that are decorated with evil eye are always a great idea.

The evil eye mythology is well-known around the world, and despite the variances in various cultures that accept it, it generally has the same meaning across all of these nations. The evil eye sign and superstition is one of the most powerful symbols in the entire world. It is a long-held idea that originated roughly 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt and is still practiced by many different cultures today. Today, this traditional belief is most prevalent in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, India, and Mexico. The Evil eye is said to be delivered by a look of envy, anger, or jealousy, frequently this occurs when the victim is unconscious of what is happening. Many people believe it can even be provided unintentionally in the form of exaggerated compliments and admiration.

Wearing the “mataki” or “matoxandro” (Greek words for the evil eye sign), amulets and charms is the most frequent and easiest approach to defend yourself against evil eye. It is said to be blessed with magical power that protects the person who wears it from the evil eye’s sight.

So, as an idea for a Christmas gift you can choose items with the evil eye, such an item has the special symbolism as a protective “talisman” and is considered suitable for any gender or age and therefore quite a lovely gift. That is why, after all, we have seen it among the trends of every season in recent years, in the jewelry industry.

If you are looking for a present for your wife, daughter or mother there is nothing more suitable than a jewelry. You can offer a beautiful ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings to please them and wish the best for the new year. You can make the gift even more meaningful by looking for a piece of jewelry that have on them the evil eye symbol. The Evil eye is an emblem that represents protection from negative energy and malicious glances and also protects one in new beginnings. Furthermore, it is believed that it attracts good vibes, positive energy and luck to the individual who wear it.

In recent years it has become very a popular trend and as its form is particularly minimal, it has also been adopted in men’s fashion as a decoration on bracelets or leather necklaces. The beauty of such a gift is it can be combined with all appearances, at any time of the day.

One of the most common presents that people offer in Greece, for Christmas and new year is a lucky charm and it is usually an ornament for your house or a jewelry (necklace or bracelet). Evil eye is one of the most common symbols that decorate these lucky charms. It symbolizes the connection with light, sun and spirit and the spiritual vision.

It brings good luck, prosperity and it protects the house and those living within it from evil powers. As a piece of jewelry the evil eye lucky charm is thought to be the mirror of the soul and a talisman that is able to drive away the bad/negative energy of others and protect the individual who wears it.

So, if you are looking for something special for your special ones don’t forget the evil eye symbol. It will not only protect them but it will make them happier and more

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