If you believe that curses cannot be transferred simply by staring, this might be a good time to reconsider your position.

The Evil Eye curse is created by the presence of negative energy by which an individual can deliver misfortune, physical diseases and sufferings. Although the concept of the evil eye and the associated threat mitigation methods have been around for centuries, there has been a recent increase in the use of jewellery, especially in bracelets and evil eye amulets to protect people from the evil eye .

People might think that wearing an evil eye amulet might be outdated or not in current fashion, the trends we are seeing paint a different picture. In fact it has started to be a huge fashion trend and nowadays it is really easy for someone to pick the evil eye elements that you desire to wear and pair them with your own personal style. Wearing Evil Eye jewellery is one of the finest ways to defend yourself from unwanted stares and still be fashionable.

Why Celebrities are more Vulnerable to Evil Eye?

The evil eye is nothing more than a hostile gaze that brings bad luck or misfortune, such a gaze comes from the accumulation of bad energy within an individual, much of which stems from jealousy. The well knows superstars, who are frequently at the peak of their prosperity and excellence, are prone to attracting negativity and gazes.

Once the jealousy or envy starts growing within a person, he or she begins to emit negative vibes and energies, which are transferred in the form of bad energy. Celebrities meet several jealous people on a daily basis and they usually face the consequences of the malevolent gazes that often rising enormously. Famous people and celebrities must guard themselves from the evil eye and we can see how some use jewellery with the evil eye to help protect themselves.

Why Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil Eye jewelries are stylish fashion accessories that can be worn with any outfit. Bracelets with colored beads, are the most popular among celebrities and unlike other protection measures against the Evil Eye, are simple to design and can be worn with any outfit. Bracelets are a way to boost their attractiveness without making their protective “power” visible to their fans.

According to a popular mythology concerning the Evil Eye, Blue-Eyed people are the ones who bestow the majority of curses and negative energies. Considering this belief, the majority of celebrities are seen wearing blue-beaded bracelets. However, some celebrities like to wear evil eye protection necklaces to show off their necklines or to make the items more noticeable and therefore effective.

Top 3 of Celebrities who wear the Evil Eye

Many celebrities wear a form of evil eye protection jewellery because they want to be protected from negative energies and misfortunes and they desire to be fashionable. Celebrities who were spotted wearing evil eye jewelries are Gigi Hadid, Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston.

Gigi Hadid

She is definitely in the list with celebrities who love to wear evil eye jewellery. She has been noticed many times wearing a necklace with evil eye and more specifically a blue evil eye.

Meghan Markle

She has preferred several times to wear a gold bracelet or necklace with a blue evil eye. Maybe she wants to be protected from envy and jealousy.

Jennifer Aniston

As she has a Greek heritage it is reasonable to expect her to have a strong belief in evil eye superstition. Like so many Greeks she chooses to wear evil eye jewellery when she needs to be protected from the negative energy.

Celebrities are usually highly vulnerable to bad luck as a result of the numerous eyes that are always on them. Those that believe want to wear evil jewellery to be protected and be stylish and the evil eye symbol has become a fashion item.

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